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tips & tricks on living
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Money Skills
Did you save money on your grocery bill? Do you want some ideas on how to buy that iPod you've coveted?

This is a community for anyone who has questions or tips on being money-smart for any financial status. This is not poor_skills; we don't care about how much money you have, and you shouldn't either. Someone may have more, someone may have less; learn to embrace our differences.

If you want tips and tricks on something in particular, like saving up for a vacation, please visit this post. If you want some ideas on how to avoid spending money on things you just don't need, try this post. You are also welcome to start your own new post.

Community Rules

1. All posts and comments are to be stated with respect to others. No name calling, bashing, mimicking, slandering etc. This is a judgment-free community. Anyone attempting to start a poor-off or rich-off will quickly face a warning and a ban.

2. No advertising! Community promotion will be allowed for other communities with shared interests of this community. No work from home, survey site, or sales posts are permitted.

3. No illegal activity is to be mentioned in posts. Your Country May Vary.

4. Posts are moderated to reduce spam and will not be immediately available.

5. LJ-CUTS PLEASE if your post is too long or contains an image. Please use your discretion. If we feel a post needs a cut, we will issue a warning and may remove the post to keep members' flist pages tidy.

6. Racial slurs and hate speech will result in immediate banning. No warnings. An appeal may be made privately to katherine.r.eaton@gmail.com.

7. Your mods love silliness. Silliness can cheer up even the crappiest day. Please feel free to be silly, but snarkiness is best saved for snark communities. Wank-baiting and/or rudeness will result in a warning - you get one.

8. Reposting screencaps of locked entries and personal journal trolling will get you banned. Don't do it. It's not cute.

9. If a post or comment is bothering you please contact one of your mods (contact info below), we don't bite!

10. Please give members a good idea of your budget and location if you are looking for a particular item. "Check Michael's" may be a good suggestion for a Canadian but a poor suggestion for a South African.

11. If you're posting a list of tips, all lists must be contained to 11 points, no more, no less. Why? Because top 10 lists are for cowards.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to eleganceroses or there_she_went:
eleganceroses is available at her email katherine.r.eaton@gmail.com, on AIM at elegantlyrosy, or through a private message on LiveJournal.
there_she_went is available on AIM at livefastdyehair or through a private message on LiveJournal. She's online ALL THE TIME. It's ridiculous. It's kinda awesome.
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